Monitor Reviews?


Nov 28, 2007
Well I purchased all my new components for my new PC and the machine is all up and running just fine but there is one bit which is missing, the Monitor

My current monitor Im fed up with, it ghosts, it tairs when watching videos and it generally aint that good.

when I search in google for best gaming monitors 2011 or close to that you get a few reviews that list some of the top monitors but if you do searchs for the monitors on the lists people seem to slate them and there not as good as the reviews make out, so i assume that the reviews must be out of date.

my question is do any of you have a decent site which has recent reviews of monitors?

of if you recomend a decent monitor that would be awesome aswell.
Im looking for 24inch monitor mainly used for gaming so fast refresh rate.

Cheers muchly.

current setup
intel i7 2600k
16gb ram
dual sli msi 560 ti oc
240gb ssd