Question Monitor(s) issue - screen randomly changes color

Nov 22, 2021
Hello, I am having an issue with my monitors. These are the 2 monitors that I have
  1. Phillips 224EL
  2. LG 27 GN800B
Each monitor is connected to a different PC. Phillips is connected through HDMI, and the LG is connected through display port. On one PC i have a Nvidia 970 GPU, and on the other PC I have a Nvidia RTX 2060
The issue that I'm having is mostly on browser, specifically on youtube, but I don't know if it's limited to just that. I haven't tested it much anywhere else, but that is the place where it has occured so far, and it has been happening for about 2 months or so. At first I though it was from the HDMI cable, because, I only had the Phillips monitor. But recently, I bought the LG monitor, and was surprised to see that the same issue is present on this one as well.

The issue: I am having random changes of colors or brigthness or saturation, don't know what to call it. When I have a youtube tab opened, and other tabs opened, on the same browser, that have video players, such as twitch, or other youtube pages, the image may suddenly go darker. I don't know what exactly is causing this, or if it's even related to the fact that I have multiple tabs opened. It's very frustrating, because I've been searching the internet for about a week now, trying to find solutions to this problem, or at least find out what is causing it, but I haven't been able to figure out what is causing it.

Nvidia driver is up to date. Smart Energy mode is turned off. Adaptive brigthness option is not present on my windows version. Nvidia Experience Game overlay is turned off. I have no additional programs such as MSI that could interefere. I've tried "jiggling" the cables, to see if maybe the image changes when the cables are touched, but that is not the case. Black Stabilizer is turned to 0 (don't know if this has any relevance in browsers though). And amusingly enough, I connected both of the monitors to my PC that has the 2060 Nvidia GPU, and tested it out for about a day, to see if the issue would occur. The issue did not occur while having both monitors connected. As soon as I unplugged the Phillips, and replugged the LG, the issue appeared, within 1 minute. I also thought that it might be from the power source in the wall, so I also tried using an extension cord, to see if there was any difference, but the issue was still present.
Here is a video to the issue, you can see the color change at 0:22 : muhXbcF2Ods (remove the space)
The color changes back to normal whenever I scroll up and down the page, or use any other key such as "space", to resume playing the video.