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Question Monitor saying no signal

Jul 3, 2020
Just to begin this isn't a new PC build although it is one I built back in 2016. A quick rundown of my specs:

CPU: Intel i7 6700k

Motherboard: MSI B150M Pro VD


RAM: Kingston HyperX 16GB

To the issue - yesterday I was just surfing on my PC when it randomly shutdown. Now when I turn it on the PC starts, all fans spin (CPU, GPU etc) however theres no image on the screen. I checked the cables and tested the monitor which isnt the issue while also unplugging video cables from the GPU and plugging it directly into the motherboard sockets but still no luck.

I have also reset the CMOS by taking out the battery for 5 mins but to no luck also. I have unplugged and reseated everything such as the RAM.

I initially thought well this is probably a motherboard issue since I wasnt getting any image from it either so I went and bought my same motherboard however after installing it the problem persists. I did notice the EZ debug LED light is red and says CPU which the manual says it could either be failing or unrecognized. Also to note, on the old motherboard this light was on very frequently but I never paid much attention to it till now (my mistake).

So my question is does this indicate my CPU is fried or could there be another culprit?