Monitor screen went it the GPU?


Sep 16, 2011
So I have been experiencing some random tearing/flickering on my monitor. Not during games but during just regular browsing such at watching videos on the internet (Chrome), watching my downloaded stuff, or just file browsing. Usually i just unplugged or switched to my other monitor and went back and it was normal. Now today was just really bad, had to actually unplug my main monitor to get it to work and when I tried making it all normal again my second monitor did the same thing which it never gave me any kind of issue before. I tried my 1st monitor on both Display port and HDMI when it happened and no change until I unplugged the power. And my second monitor was either VGA or HDMI and it did the same thing. Now it only works in 1 monitor screen only, if i switch to extended my second monitor goes nuts again like the GPU went bad. Currently it is giving me a display port signal to my main monitor just fine, but I can't even get a VGA signal to come up on my second monitor. I find it hard to be all my cables are not working all at the same time, could this be a GPU issue or something else (GPU is not overheating either, temp is normal)? And this originally started with just my first monitor being the issue, now its the second.

Here is a picture I tood of the screen, this time it was green when before it was all black with lines.

Monitor 1: Samsung U28D590D
Monitor 2: LG Flatron M237wd (old I know)

GPU - Sapphire Vapor-x 7970 3GB in crossfire (again also old) lol.