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Question Monitor search


Mar 2, 2019
Looking for a computer monitor that combines these features:

IPS panel

24-inch display

DVI and HDMI inputs

Refresh rate is not important.

Of course, DVI or HDMI are needed for Blu-ray playback.
Jul 14, 2020
I would suggest look into Asus VA24EHE, Philips 246E9QJAB (has wider gamut), Asus vp249hr, Aoc 24G2 (In case you would like to have that 144ghz display), Samsung 24sr350. Of course there are more to find, but to be frank most of the use the same panel and the quality in terms of picture is the same. I would suggest to avoid LG monitors though as well as some of the ACER options such as VG240Ybmiix. Currently the modern models suffer from the faint vetical lines on orange, blue colors. To be frank a lot of the models suffer from that, as it appears to be a faulty/defective LG panel that is inside them. And it is needless to say that LG is the biggest panel supplier out there, so it is hard to determine which monitors in this price range (and not only in this) suffer from that.
As well as I would suggest avoiding 27 inch displays too, the ppi for a screen size is way too low, and you may find your screen a little bit on a pixelated side. So the best option to stick in this budget is 24 inch.