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Nov 4, 2019
Hi all,

I have a Macbook Pro 15'' 2017. I need a new monitor, and I'm looking for something suitable for my needs.

I work as web frontend developer, which means that I have to deal with layouts and designs; I also design myself quite a lot, and finally, I like photography.

I want a monitor suitable both for Mac and PC, as I'm planning to switch all my workflow to Linux in one or two years.

I have seen the new BenQ PD3220U 32'':

This seem to fit my needs, but I'm concerned about the resolution, the PPI and the need of scaling, as they say in I'll quote:
There is another issue to contend with. Apple’s interface design in macOS is set up so it is comfortable for most people at a density of about 110 pixels per inch for non-Retina, and about 220 pixels per inch for Retina — text is readable and button targets are easy to hit at a normal viewing distance. Using a display that isn’t close to 110PPI or 220PPI means text and interface elements will either be too big, or too small.

The Display pane in System Preferences includes “larger text” and “more space” options. These can be used as a solution, but if you do, macOS will render the entire screen to a virtual canvas, then bitmap scale it up or down to the desired size. The result is blurry pixels, higher memory usage, more work for the GPU to do, and shorter battery life for laptops. You want to use the “default for this display” setting, if you can. It’s better quality, faster, and gives longer battery life.

Blurry pixels and a scaled display make it very difficult for designers and developers to see if elements are where they need to be. Elements that animate will appear to shimmer as they move. For me, “default for this display” is the only way to go.
It makes sense, but on the other hand is strange that BenQ creates a monitor for Mac users without taking this into consideration.

What do you think?
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