Question Monitor setup

Apr 15, 2019
OK so im moving into a new house in the next few months and i want to do a complete overhaul on my setup. I'd like to setup a 34" ultra-wide (around 10kg) under my current 28" regular (around 8 kg). I've been doing a lot of looking and i just need some help on how to effectively set this up on monitor arms. id like to keep the desk as empty as possible so possibly a clamp stand. Oh and i cant wall mount. Any help would be much appreciated!
You'd best parse the make and model of both monitors/displays in order for us to suggest a monitor arm. We can also verify if they both have VESA mounts to have them propped above the desk. I'd also be concerned about the desk you're going to be using. 18KG's plus monitor arm would be a lot on one small patch on the desk. Does your desk have a thick table top?