Question Monitor shows “No Input Signal”

Jan 2, 2020
The problem has started a few years ago. When I’ve turned the computer on, the monitor responded like it’s gonna show something, but then it showed No Signal Input. The fix was just to remove and place the gpu and then it worked fine. Since then this issue happened again a few times but it was the same easy fix.
About half a year ago the problem with the monitor showing No Input Signal returned but reconnecting the gpu didn’t help. I tried changing cables and monitors but had no luck, so I sent the computer to a technician. Surprisingly the technician said that there wasn’t any problem and that the computer just booted up properly when he connected it to a monitor. 2 months later it happened again and when I sent it to the technician, again, he said there wasn’t any problem. Now it happened again and I don’t think sending it for repairing would help because it may happen again in a few months. Do you have any idea what may be the problem? I searched online but couldn’t find anything. I guess the problem lay in the gpu but honestly I’m out of ideas.
My Specs:
Gtx 970
Intel i5 4950
8 ram ddr3


Aug 19, 2011
Without the specifics of your psu we cant guarantee a solution. If the power supply isnt outputting enough it may be having trouble sending full power to all components of your computer when booting up. What kind of motherboard do you have ?