Monitor shows nothing


Oct 30, 2014
So I upgraded my CPU, mobo, and ram and when I put it all together originally, this happened but it turned out that the gpu was not seated all the way so I like loosened the mobo so it would raise up a little bit and then seated my gpu so it would be in all the way and it worked. Now for a while I've been having HDD issues and so I bought a new one and moved everything to it, and I was going to restart to boot from it but my PC wouldn't go into BIOS, it was just stuck loading into it. So I reset the CMOS which required me to remove my GPU and now I'm having this problem. I have looked and I am about 99% sure that my GPU is seated correctly because beforehand, I could easily tell it wasn't in all the way. It comes on and lights up and the fans spin but nothing happens on the screen. It says DVI not detected.
i7 7700k
R9 390x
Msi Z270