Question Monitor shutoff randomly and now PC is very slow

Jul 22, 2021
Hello, I was just making this regarding my experience with my PC, It was running normally and fine soon after I joined a Roblox game and my monitor shut off randomly while in-game, I didn't think much of it really since this has happened before but the monitor quickly turns back on. In this case, my monitor wasn't turning back on at all and just shut off completely, I ended up powering off my pc and powering it back on only to have it feel weird, everything just felt more slow and wonky, every time I press the windows button, the display shows up in a laggy unsmooth way, My wallpaper engine just chops and doesn't wanna play at all or just plays in literally 5fps. I ended up trying to open up roblox again only to have the game not play at all, the frames drop completely and I cant even move my avatar in the game. Can someone please help me with this issue, I'm not sure if it's my gpu or anything or where to even start I've reset my PC and still the system is just super laggy and annoying