Question Monitor shuts off randomly, PC restarts.

Mar 30, 2020
So I've recently gotten a new PC, and during random times my monitor would go off (Still has power, but as if it lost signal). And I would have to restart the PC or wait for it to restart on its own.

This happened about once per week at first, with increasing consistency, till now it happens more than twice per day.
Ive managed to replicate it on the sims as it crashes about 10 minutes into playing that.
When it crashes I've tried connecting my pc to the integrated graphics card instead of the GPU, but still no signal.
I've also tried making sure all my rams are connected (As someone had suggested it might not be), and they are.

I have an I7-4790 processor, a rx 470 graphics card, and 16gb ram.
My monitor is an HP s2031, and a windows 10.
I'd also like to note that it doesn't happen consistently on more intensive games, but does so on less intensive games like the sims, when the GPU is being used less.
This issue has also appeared recently, and not when the PC was newer.
I've also updated my graphics card drivers, and I have the latest version.
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Dec 31, 2015
Have you had any electrical issues in your house lately? Ive had my motherboard fail to boot on occasion and it became more common until i had to get a new one, my problems started when i turned on my lights one morning only to hear a snap crackle and pop. You could try checking for any visibly fried chips on your board.
it would also help to try using your integrated graphics to run games such as sims (painful i know) to make sure its not your graphics card.