Question Monitor shutting off while gaming


Jul 26, 2019
Monitor shuts off when gaming

Hey all! Just after having a really weird issue. I launched Mass Effect Legendary Edition and the screen went all different colours, then the monitor kept shutting on and off. I switched off my pc and left it for a few days, I came back to it and my monitor was turning on and off constantly. I uninstalled the drivers in Safe Mode and reinstalled them and the issue came back, so I decided to reinstall windows which gave me more problems like random installation errors and blue-screens I had never seen before. With some command line troubleshooting I got past those issues and reinstalled Windows 10. I reinstalled steam and some games, all seemed fine but when I launched some games the monitor shutting off issue came back. In some games it seems fine and others it happens. I am really stuck as what to do. I have tried different GPU drivers and no luck. It seems to be ok with the default driver you get out of the box. Any suggestions or explanations would be appreciated.

My Rig:
Gigabyte RTX 3060TI
Ryzen 7 5900x
Asrock taichi x5070
16gb Ram