Question Monitor suddenly goes dark "no signal" while playing


Feb 27, 2013
Recently this week i encountered this issue several times. While playing, the monitor suddenly goes off says "no signal" but the sound of the game is still going on. Then when i press reset and rebooted the pc, it wont star up. the only solution i found is to remove the ram reseat it and it works. i notice that the ram temp is freaking hot when i removed it. im playing at 1440p with i7 8700 and galax 1080ti the temps of both gpu and cpu is hovering at 75 to 80 degrees while playing pubg, other games 65 to 75 degrees. its humid and hot here in my country during daytime. My system is running for 1 year and this is the first time i encountered this issue. My question is does the temp ram or my cpu gpu cause the issue? My plan is to sell my tforce night hawk 3200Mhz 2x8gb for cheap a price then try another set of ram.