Question Monitor turning off after login or when changing settings


Jul 12, 2019
I'm currently using dual monitor, just recently bought a second one (samsung g7), and the problem started when I tried turning on HDR. Turning on HDR was no problem for the first few days, then I tried doing it again, but this time both my monitor crashed. This isn't the only time the monitors will turn off. It will turn off when I turn off or on adaptive sync in the monitor setting, changing which display will be my main when extending display for both monitors or displaying just one of my monitor.

When connecting only one monitor through display port to my GPU, after login, the screen will go blank. This happens with both monitors. Seems like on the new one (g7), it tries to reset itself because I can see the backlight going on and off.

I've tried disconnecting the cables and reconnecting them, changing GPU into second slot, reinstalling windows (clean) and yeah... I thought there might be something wrong with my new monitor since this has never happened before with my old setup, however it still happens when only connecting my old monitor too.

Going into safemode seems fine, I even tried uninstalling display adapter. After restarting and login normally again, the computer reinstalls and the problem still occurs.

Turning off my computer and re cabling the stuff inside and taking the ram out and putting it back in seems to fix it, but after a short whilke, the problem occurs again with the black screen, sometimes blue or pink with my other monitor connected.

I should also add that when connecting both monitors to gpu, both monitor seems to work but even as mentioned earlier, changing display settings will turn them off again. And when disconnecting one of them, doesnt matter which, the other stops working.

Any ideas and help will be greatly appreciated, if more information is required from me please let me know. Thanks

motherboard: msi z390-a pro
GPU: asus rog strix 2080ti
CPU: intel i7-9700k
storage: samsung 500gb ssd
ram: 2x8 8GB t-force
psu: aorus p750w 80+ gold modular