Question Monitor turning on and off while gaming

Jul 15, 2021
Recently I've come into an issue where while I am gaming, one of my monitors will occasionally turn off for a second or two and then turn back on.
I have a dual monitor setup, the monitor that turns off is connected through HDMI to the GPU, the other monitor is connected through a DVI to the GPU. The older monitor connected through the DVI does not seem to have this issue.
The monitor I am having issues with is an ASUS VG27VQ set at 165hz. My GPU is a Radeon RX580. It does not seem to be an overheating issue as the temperature when I'm gaming is usually around 60-65 degrees Celsius. The only games I've played recently have been Battlefield 4 and CS:GO and the issue occurred while playing both games. Oddly enough I tried Battlefield 4 in windowed mode and the issue seems to not occur in that scenario.
I just dusted the PC and it did not seem to solve anything. I have yet to try reseating the card. It does have a tiny bit of sag to it so I may try placing something underneath to see if that may be causing the issue. The GPU Drivers are up to date.
If anyone has any other suggestions as to what may be causing this issue please let me know. Thank you!
Jul 14, 2021
Often times the issue can and will be with the logicboard since that's where everything takes place. The power source, due to your inspection, shows that there's nothing wrong there which would indicate a logic board that starts to behave erratically as it heats up or the longer it operates. You sure you scoured each square inch of the logic board, from it's power input to the video outputs? SMD's would also need inpseting.
Aug 7, 2021
Having the same issue with my new LG 27GP950 and a few other users of the same monitor is reporting the same issue also over at OCUK forums monitor section. doesn't seem to be related to GPU manufacture seeing both AMD and Nvidia users reporting the same issue.