[SOLVED] Monitor turns on and off while using DisplayPort cable ?


Sep 12, 2018
I'm using a Samsung S34J55X ultra wide monitor which goes up to 75hz. When I connect it through DisplayPort (as it was instructed) the monitor turns on and off when I switch on the lights or when the fridge turns on/off . If I switch to HDMI 2.1 , the problem stops but the monitor only displays 45hz instead of 75hz. I have used several "protective" sockets and using a UPS as well. Nothing has helped. How can I solve this without going down to 45hz?
No I was not. I was not aware there was a difference! That did allows it to go to 75hz. Thank you! Out of curiosity, any idea why Display Port is doing those off/on ?
I can't be certain what is causing this behavior. It could be simply your computer detecting a power fluctuation and protecting itself, or perhaps a power saving setting within your monitor. You would have to try it someone else's house to see if this behavior continued.