Question Monitor + TV setup not working correctly ?

Apr 29, 2022

Up until recently my monitor + TV setup was working fine, all of a sudden i cant have monitor 1 on without monitor 2/TV being switched on. When i duplicate displays or even try to have monitor one only on it wont work without switching on monitor/TV 2. As soon as i turn off monitor 2/TV the screen on monitor 1 goes black and does not come on. I used to be able to use monitor one without monitor 2 being switched on. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Kind regards

I have the exact same setup. Have you independently set the resolutions and refresh rate on both screens via setup? Sometimes there is a confusion during the handshake HDMI does with the monitor/tv, so I would double check your cable and also try to completely reinstall your GPU drivers. I would use DDU to scrub the old drivers of the PC before re-installing the new drivers..

PS what is your GPU and how are you connecting to both screens, I presume Display Port to monitor and HDMI to TV?