Monitor Upgrade question


Jul 16, 2012
Hey guys havent been on the site for a month or so, glad to be back haha!

Anyways, Im looking to upgrade my monitor from my basic extra Insignia flatscreen 19" lcd tv to something new.
From the amount of money iv spent on electronics in the past 4months id rather not buy anything if i dont have to. I was browsing around airmiles and aeroplan, and found this:

Iv never actually bought a monitor before and am not very experienced in the field. But i want a 1920x1080 resolution screen particuarly for gaming. my tv is from like 4years ago and the res is only 1400x900 or something and it sucks not getting the nice resolutions.

The monitor looks pretty nice but im concered about pixel and contrast ratios etc.
I game most the time of pretty intensive games and would still like to hold atleast 60fps with settings pretty much maxed. I get good fps right now but i know it will lower them with the bigger screen and res. Im getting around 80fps in main cities on wow running everything maxed.

My rig is in my signature if your wondering. Thanks guys!


Oct 24, 2006
I think it is only 60hz... You might want to get one that is 120hz... I am really missing out by only having a 60hz monitor... My next will be at least 120hz.
Take a look at that option before buying ( They are definetly more expensive but you will see those extra FPS and it may be better for you (I know it will be for me).