Question Monitor upgrade


Oct 18, 2017
Well i was gonna get a 75hz monitor(1440p)
But then ive read online that that there is a huge difference between 75 and 144hz. Am currently on a tight budget. So am not able to decide that should i spend some more bucks and grab a 144hz monitor or not.

(Am gonna upgrade my full pc after 2 years ,ill get a 240hz monitor at that time and i just need something decent to use for these 2 years)

I mainly need it for gaming(not too competitive) .
So yeah should i go for a 75hz or should i spend more bucks to grab a 144hz.
(I mainly play Ark which doesn't go above 100fps and avg it stays around 60-70fps and sometimes i play csgo)

Ryzen 3600X
GTX 1060 6GB
16GB Ram
If your FPS barely gets above 70 for everything that you play, then a 75Hz monitor should work fine. However, at that point, I would say just stick with whatever 60Hz monitor you are currently using unless it really bothers you that you don't have 1440p.

If you're gonna upgrade make it count. If you do have the funds, go ahead and make the jump to 1440p and 144Hz now and don't make plans to upgrade it again until you really NEED to.