Question Monitor used to displa 240hz now only 120hz


Jan 15, 2020
Before christmas and new years my computer was running fine at 240hz. When I came back from holiday it only seems to run at 120hz now. As in under avanced display settings you can only see 120hz under Display settings for display mumber 1.
We had some family friends house sitting for us and I'm wondering if someone tinkered with my PC. I can't figure out why as the HDMI cables were working fine running 240hz before we left but I thought maybe someone changed them so I bought 2 brand new 2.1 HDMI cables and I still have the same problem. I will find out soon if they used my PC, but I'm stumped as to why it isn't working. Maybe I should roll back my PC?

This is my PC:
This is my monitor:

Any help appreciated.

Edit: I just restarted my computer to se if that helps alas it does not.
Edit #2: OK I just plugged my HDMI cable into the other display input on my monitor and it's somehow magically fixed it. Does this mean the other display I will use for my Xbox One and soon enough, Xbox Series X will not run 240hz? But surely if it can run 120hz it can do 120fps as everone would like their Xbox Series X to... thanks.
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