Question Monitor very rarely receives no signal.

Aug 8, 2019
So this has happened only twice now in the past 2 weeks:

Essentially, the monitor seems to produce the "no signal" message when trying to boot up the computer. The first time it happened I had to restart the computer twice before it was able to display normally again. Checked all cables, ect.. as well

The second time, it happened, I checked the DP cable and made sure it was connected correctly. It worked after the first reset.

I am loosening my mind, trying to figure out what caused the monitor to display "no signal" those 2 boots. After a few days of the last time it happened, nothing has happened since.

The only correlation I can come up with, is that both of the times it did not boot was after I moved and open up the computer to replace something, the first was the initial build, the second was replacing the cpu heat sink. However both instances it worked the first time after hooking the computer back in, only after a few attempts did the no display message occur.

b450 tomahawk
ryzen 3600x
msi Ventus 2060 super
H500 case
16g of 3200 RAM