Question Monitor Woes - Wrong resolution & Sometimes not detected + A Twist


Aug 1, 2014
Hi All,

Seeking some advice from people about my monitor.

I have an Acer G226HQL. It has a DVI-D port and a VGA port.

For testing it, I have used two computers: Windows 7 and Windows 10, two GFX cards, a geforce 660 and a 1070ti. I have two DVI-D cables, one DVI-D to HDMI cable, one DVI-D to HDMI adapter (for the first two cables) and two VGA cables. I have a sony TV via HDMI that works well all the time, does not present any of the problems stated.

The monitor does not offer me proper resolutions. Sometimes, it is not detected. See below.

Here is what it does:
  1. Offers only 800x600 or 1020x800 via DVI-D or DVI-D converted to HDMI on either PC, with either GFX card (except where #5 happens)
  2. On the Windows 10 PC only, (regardless of what graphics card is in it), it is sometimes not detected via DVI-D or DVI-D converted to HDMI.
  3. The screen outputs, by default, 1920x1080 and offers all other resolutions via VGA, or VGA converted to DVI-D.
  4. On the Windows 10 PC only, (regardless of what graphics card is in it), if it is detected and working and then is disconnected and reconnected, it is no longer detected "No Signal" via DVI-D or DVI-D converted to HDMI.
[In all the above situations, if it is detected, it is listed as "Generic Non-PNP Monitor" (except it is a PnP Monitor).

5. On the Windows 7 PC only, if the DVI-D cable is converted to HDMI, if I plug in the Sony TV to the single HDMI port on either card (660 ot 1070ti only has 1 HDMI port), and then quickly remove the Sony TV's HDMI and replace it with the DVI-D converted to HDMI from the Monitor, the monitor displays 1920x1080 perfectly. This lasts until restart, or until the cable is taken out and put back in.

[In the above situation it is listed as "Device on HDMI".]

DVI-D on the Monitor both is not detected correctly, or is unable to output digital high quality, BUT, why does it correctly display 1920x1080, if I do the HDMI cable switch thing listed as number 5 above???

I have, on both computers:
  1. Completely uninstalled Monitor drivers including via registry, reinstalled via "Update Drivers". Issue persists.
  2. Completely uninstalled monitor drivers including via registry, reinstalled by manually downloading the best driver from Acer and using "Have Disc" option to install it via that. This works, but on restart, it stops being "Acer G226HQL" and returns to "Generic Non-PnP Monitor". Except in #5 above, when it becomes "Device on HDMI".
  3. Manually set a resolution via NVIDIA Control Panel, this successfully "works" and sets the resolution, but there's something clearly wrong with it. There's black space on one side, and everything is blurry. No amount of playing around with this returns a working resolution.
  4. Used Regedit to create resolution files, see above. Blurry mess.
  5. Swapped the graphics cards around to see if that changes anything.
  6. Completely uninstalled NVIDIA Display drivers and reinstalled them via "Clean Install" utility. (The Windows 10 PC is brand new, so only one driver has ever been on it, the newest one, anyway).
  7. Replaced the DVI-D cable. Issue persists on DVI-D either via cables alone or via DVI-D to HDMI adapter that I have. Issue persists on DVI-D to HDMI cable also, no adapter.
Any advice? Nothing has happened to this monitor... it has worked fine for 4 years, and now it does not want to output digital correctly unless I do the weird HDMI swap thing in #5 at the top, but that doesn't work on my Windows 10 machine anyway...

Thank you