Monitor won't go above 60hz (using displayport/dvi adapter)


Nov 29, 2016
I recently built a new pc and i've had pretty much no problems except for the monitor was being kind of a pain. I didn't know i needed a display port or dvi cable at first so i ordered those and It still doesn't work. My dvi port won't show the monitor for some reason so i just have it plugged into a display port on my aorus gtx 1080 ti which i think should work perfectly fine but any time i try a resolution above 60hz it turns black and says no signal. also i thought the cable they sent with the monitor might be defective so i purchased another one and both had the same response.
I've got an acer g246hl
Other parts are
aorus Gtx 1080ti xtreme
EVGA 1000 GQ, 80+ GOLD 1000W
aorus z370 gaming 5 mobo
if you want me to list anything else that might help tell me

All conventional DisplayPort to DVI adapters are Single-Link DVI only. 1080p 120+ Hz requires Dual-Link DVI. The only way to get a Dual-Link DVI connection is by connecting from an actual DVI port, or a specialized Dual-Link active adapter. Normal adapters from DP or HDMI will be limited to 60 Hz.

The adapters you would need for DL-DVI are around $100, so it would be better to return the monitor and get one that has a DisplayPort input.