Question Monitor won't show Windows with DisplayPort


Mar 25, 2015
My PC specs: 1660 Super, 2600x, Gigabyte B450M DS3H and 2x8GB 3000MHz RAM.

I got this monitor 1 month ago, its called Matrics M24 (just a portuguese rebrand of the Bezel 24M241F which seems to be a rebrand of the VIOTEK GN24C). It's a 24" 1080p 144Hz Freesync screen.

I loaded up a game and the monitor literally black screened and said "No Signal". Restarted PC and noticed just as Windows starts loading, image disappears. I can go into UEFI/BIOS just fine with DP.

Things I've tried:

-HDMI at 144Hz and it works just fine but then I can't use Freesync.

-Plugging DP and HDMI to the same monitor. If I turn on PC with HDMI only and then plug in DP, it works but the image is VERY greyed out. As soon as I change bit color, it no longer shows up. I think it's the monitor port. Haven't tried a new DP cable because I don't have one and this monitor is literally the only thing I have at home that works with DP.

-Tried powering off Monitor and PC for a few minutes because apparently that's one of the solutions, doesn't work.

-Uninstalled Nvidia's drivers. When using Microsoft's Basic Display Adapter, on low resolution, DP works fine. As soon as I installed Nvidia's drivers, it stopped working while HDMI is fine. Somehow if I use a 2 monitor setup and duplicate the HDMI screen, DP works as it's supposed to (except without Freesync...). Also if I unplug HDMI while DP is connected, DP will work but color is very washed out and very grey.