Question Monitor wouldn't wake after sleep


Dec 25, 2015

for about a month I own monitor MSI Optix AG321CQR, got it connected to my GPU Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 580 OC, 8GB via DIsplayPort cable included in package.

And the thing is, almost every time i put my PC to sleep mode OR screen turn's off (due to power settings) it wouldnt wake. I can click with mouse or keyboard and display wouldn't wake.
And even when i open monitor settings and again choose DP as source, it only says "No signal". Solution is only to restart PC or pull out DP cable from PC and put it back, then monitor would wake.

PC is running completely fine, i know it because of Google Remote desktop i got on my phone. This problem was not present with my old monitor Dell SE2719HR but it was connected via HDMI.

Where could be a problem? In cable/GPU/Monitor/DisplayPort?
Monitor and cable is only month old, GPU is fully udpated.


I have an Acer XF240H monitor I bought 5 years ago. At the end of the first year, it wouldn't start up. So dug out a known good video card thinking that would be the solution. That didn't work. Changed DP cables. Nope, that wasn't the solution. So I pulled out an old Dell 60hz monitor and that started up and worked fine.

I hooked up the XF240H to a known good computer and it black screen the 2nd time I started it. The problem was in the monitor.

I went back to an old Newegg website featuring the Acer XF240H and several of the comments said the XF240H suffered from a start up problem. One person came up with a probable cause it was a weak capacitor circuit in the start button. It's either weak or too weak to hold start up power. Whatever.

His cure was (1) to turn off the monitor at the start button, (2) shut off the power and (3) press the start button again, to drain off any residual power. (4) Turn on the power and (5) start the monitor. Bang. It worked.. . every time. I've done this for 4 of the 5 years.

Since I turn off my computer/monitor after daily use, I have no problem doing an extra step. But if I let the system sleep, the monitor won't start. Hope this helps.
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