Question Monitoring Ryzen Temperatures


Nov 5, 2018
So, recently my PC has black/blue screened a couple times without warning, while playing games. I reinstalled the GPU driver, and wanted to monitor temps while gaming for a while to see if the temps were anything to worry about. I have downloaded Ryzen Master, HWMonitor, and Core Temp to try and watch the temps of my CPU, and the best I can get from any of them is a single temperature. HWMonitor gives me a Package (Node 0) temperature, current, min, and max, Ryzen Master gives me a single readout that just says "temperature", and Core Temp, under the Temperature Readings section, just says CPU #0: with one line of temps for current, min, and max. These programs know just about everything else, and they properly read out my 6 cores, 12 threads. For example, HWMonitor reads the individual voltages and clocks of all 6 cores, labelled 0 - 5, and the utilization of all 12 threads individually. How do you read the individual core temps? Im lost at this point, with so many places seeming to recommend different programs and/or fixes ranging from "your wrong it shows always" to "it never works, deal with it" What is the answer?

I did run the last game that it crashed while I was playing, and realized it is not going to be a temperature issue anyway. It BSOD while playing The Crew 2 most recently, but that game is capped at 60 FPS, and my usage is not high enough for temps to be an issue. My question still stands though, despite it not going to be an issue with my crashing/freezing problem.

Specs are
mobo - ASRock B450M Pro4
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
GPU - AMD RX Vega 56
RAM - 2x8 GB Corsair Vengeance 3200
Cooler - Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
PSU - EVGA BQ 750 (already had to RMA one I used for under 2 years, current is at under 1 year use)
Case - NZXT H500 - The case fans have begun to make lots of noise, so I have been unplugging them, to see if noise stops. The first crash happened while both (only 2) case fans were unplugged to see if the noise was case fans or cooler fans. I suspected the overheating issue because of this, but Im near 100% sure that the DRP4 Cooler is more than enough to keep a Ryzen 5 from overheating without case fans. I now have the top fan plugged in again, since the bad fan seems at this point to be the rear fan.
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May 26, 2020
The most reliable is RYZEN master to measure the CPU temperature, and if the cpu temperature is fine, then try checking your ram or hardisk or even your powersupply, all these can also cause bluescreen or freeze,

My suspect is if your cpu is not over heating or if there is no frequent temperature spikes, check your RAM first try changing the ram, then try powersupply


Sep 2, 2015
You basically will never see a significant temperature difference between cores, the package temp. is very representative of your cores temperatures.

If those are normal, I would start looking elsewhere right away. Defective memory can cause these issues. As for the PSU, it would usually give you a warning for power surges, but I would still make sure and check your PSU voltages. You can do that through HWMonitor, just look at your motherboard's +12V voltage, it should usually be between 11.8-12.2V, with little fluctuation. I've had a PSU problem myself last month, and it ended up frying my motherboard good (I mean like literal smoke came out of the thing). I was getting voltages from 11.5-11.9 fluctuating a lot. If you see this, I would recomment switching PSU ASAP to avoid potential permanent damage or even hardware massacre. You could also check the +5V and +3V, but the +12V is the main one to keep an eye on.

For the rest, I doubt it would cause these issues, since GPU crashes and defects don't usually cause black screens from what I know, they tend to freeze your screen or display artifacts and what not, but I wouldn't disregard it completely yet, in case other things don't help.

For drives, I'm unsure, but I would worry more about a RAM/PSU problem as one is more likely and the other more destructive.

EDIT: As for RAM, try using different sticks, if issues persist it's not the issue. When checking +12V voltages, make sure to keep HWMonitor open while playing and monitor the min/max. If numbers are +/- 0.4-0.5 either side after an hour long session, I would consider trying another (trustworthy) PSU in the system and running the same test again.


Nov 5, 2018
I do agree that temps are unlikely to be a problem. I purposely bought an overkill cooler to make sure it stayed quiet, but have never really watched my temps, since I haven't had an issue yet.

I think the blue screen was caused by drivers, since I got the stopcode "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION", which seems to often be related to bad drivers. I reinstalled the Radeon drivers, and have yet to have an issue again, however it hasn't been long, and the issue is not consistent.

The black screen is a bit stranger, with a more wide range of possible causes. The black screen happened while I using Discord, with a Chrome tab open in the background. I had Minecraft running, since a friend was needing occasional help, and I was playing GTA V. I reached over to feel my PC case, since this was while I had no case fans plugged in. I touched the PC case, and commented that the case itself was feeling pretty hot with no fans, and both monitors blackscreened right then. GTA Audio continued properly, while Discord audio, both in and out, stopped working. After 15-20 seconds of black screen (the monitors never said "no signal"), it came back. Discord started working immediately, while both GTA V and Minecraft had locked up. GTA was a white windows, no proper graphics, no response. I Alt+F4 it. I try to open Minecraft from the taskbar, and it wont. Check Task Manager, is says "not responding". Close it through task manager. Essentially, both games froze, while the other windows/apps were fine.

When I have some time, I might try replicating that, with both games open, and the other apps, and check what the usage is looking like for CPU, GPU, RAM, stuff like that. If the RAM usage was pegged to max, that might explain it, though everything was running perfectly normally.