Monitoring VC Temperatures


Feb 15, 2004
Hi guys,

I'm very much new to this game and have a few questions if anyone would spare the time to help me out it would be much appreciated.

First up, my video card has random crashes. When I pulled it out, I found it to be reasonably hot. After leaving my computer case open with a big fan blowing over the card my crashes went away. To confirm though that it was the card overheating is there anyway via software I can monitor my video cards temperature. I have a Gigacube 9600 Pro-lite.

Next thing was that it was only happening with certain games. Ie..Gathering software games..Vietcong and Hidden and dangerous 2. Is it possible that the way there graphics is processed that it could make my card run hotter than say games like BF1942 amd Call of duty? I have never had any dramas with any of those games.

I want to try and figure this out because it doesnt look quite right running my PC with a big house fan blowing on it...seems to work though : )

Anyway, thanks for your time.


Jan 25, 2003
you can only monitor VC temperature if you have 9600/9800XT, otherwise, no, you can't monitor ur VC monitor, you need to do some mod to know it
I'm quite surprised to hear that a 9600Pro would have overheating problems