Question Monitors Decision, or maybe I'm just crazy.


Aug 3, 2018
Hey all...

I'll be building a new machine with a 2080 Ti in it next week.

My current monitor set up is 3440x1440 @ 100Hz ultrawide + two 1080p @ 60Hz on the sides.

I used to do triple monitor gaming with the 1080p @ 60Hz monitors years ago.

I'd kind of like to revisit a triple monitor setup like that, however 60Hz is crap now-a-days, so I'd want to buy 3 new monitors.

I don't have much of a budget for monitors however, I'd consider getting 3 x 1080p @ 144Hz.

My main concerns: I really might miss the ultrawide and its resolution. I'm also concerned a 2080 Ti might be totally overkill for 1080p monitors (but maybe not in surround mode?)

I'd love to do triple 2560x1440 monitors, but really, that might be rough even for a 2080 Ti.

Another issue: I have the room; I could set up triple 1080p monitors and KEEP the ultrawide as a 4th monitor, but my problem there is that I also own a Valve Index, which takes up an input.

On top of that, to get 144Hz I have to use DisplayPort for all 3 1080p monitors, so that only leaves the HDMI port left over on a card, and the Valve Index requires DisplayPort; this might be an issue even if I didn't keep the ultrawide.

Sooooooo.... any random thoughts?