Question monitors freezing, then going black when watching videos ?

Dec 26, 2020
hello everyone.
I built myself a new pc about two-ish months ago, and ever since I've had a semi-reoccurring problem. I like to download shows to watch with VLC, and sometimes me and my boyfriend watch stuff together while we're on skype using software that syncs up videos. However, every now and then while we're watching shows (the time between incidents ranges wildly) my monitors freeze for a second or two, go black, and then VLC is either completely see-through if it was in full screen, or a white box if it was windowed. The only way to get it to start working regularly again is to restart VLC. It happens far more often when I have skype running, which is why I mentioned it before. This also has really only happened while watching videos I've downloaded, not while using youtube or anything. I've tried a lot of things, uninstalling and reinstalling VLC, swapping cables, swapping monitors, swapping what monitor ports I use, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, searching for others who might have the same issue, remounting my graphics card, all with no luck. Anyone have any clue what might be the issue, or something I haven't tried yet? I have a geforce rtx 3070.
Thanks in advance for any advice.