Monitors goes OFF after Loading windows XP3


Dec 11, 2008

My Monitor goes OFF after loading windows XP3. It shows the Boot screen on start up and then the display goes off.
I have to restart the machine 2-3 times to get the display on the screen.
I have tried re-installing graphics card drivers and Monitor drivers. But still the problem continues....
Also reseated the graphics card , checked signal cable.

Please Suggest me the Solution.........................

here are my specifications.
Monitor:- SAMSUNG SyncMaster 740N
Graphics Card:- XFX Geforce 8800GT 512 MB.
Windows XP Service Pack 3.
Intel D101 Mobo
Intel D2.66 ghz.


Jul 23, 2009
I to have this problem with no video after loading screen on win with my new geforce 7200 GS. Then i reinstall the card and get a different problem, my mouse is not a smooth motion. but if i go in to a menu, say FILE or EDIT you can see the highlighted spot where my mouse is.. and it moves in real time, but the graphic for the mouse does'nt move at real time its only about once every 1-2 sec really annoying. whats the solution for this? i have updated the driver, and reinstalled them after a complete uninstall. Onboard Gfx are disabled. other than the mouse thing at this point and time.. all is good i think. what do i do?