Question Monitors Lose Display

Jul 29, 2020
Good Morning Everyone, i don't know if you'll be able to help me? but ever since yesterday i have had this really weird issue happen and i don't know why?

I've recently swapped out my motherboard + CPU, I've gone from a 8700K to a Ryzex 7 3800X

Ryzen 7 3800x
Gigabyte X570UD - Motherboard
32GB ram
750 PSU Corsair

The thing that is happening is every now and then my monitor would turn off.. but everything else would run fine? i can hear the game sound? i can continue talking on discord if i need be, but i just can't get a picture back?

the only way to get my monitor to turn back on is by restarting my PC? I'm currently in the middle of updating my

(1) GPU Drivers to the latest ones
(2) Updating Windows 10 to Version 2004
(3) Installed MSI Kombuster / GPU-Z

--EDIT 1--
One thing i have noticed is when my monitors turn off, my GPU fan stops spinning but all the lights are on? could this possibly be a PSU fault?

--EDIT 2-- I've also noticed that if i run a stress test my PC will instantly turn off the Monitors and show the no signal input error? but if i play a game like Escape From Tarkov it doesn't always crash/turn/show the no display error?

-EDIT 3-- I've taken my GPU apart, applied new heat paste, Taken out what i thought was a dodgy wire (PCIE cable extender to make it red) and now my PC will actually load up a benchmark and complete that benchmark, my Gcard is hitting 83 Degrees though? can anyone tell me if this is to hot for a 1080GTX SC? I've done some googling and most say that is average?
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