Question Monitors not displaying anything

Sep 20, 2019
I woke up one day and went to turn on my pc as usual but for some reason it wouldnt turn on at all. I tried a few quick fixes off the Internet but Nothing seemed to work. I tried using a really old PSU i had as a replacement and the Computer did turn on although Nothing would come on the Displays, I assumed this was because of the old PSU not being enough to power on the components properly so i bought a new PSU. i plugged it all in and although the Lights come on and the fans spin Nothing Comes on the Monitors. The Keyboard and mouce come on the turn off after About 20 seconds then turn on again and go on About in this cycle. Im worried that when i tried the quick fixes the first time around i may have damaged the Motherboard as i was Messing around with some cables.

Old PSU: Corsair TX650M
New PSU: Corsair VS650
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
CPU: I7 2600k
Ram: 10Gb
Motherboard: Intel board (unsure which model)

i just removed all components an turned it on, it beeped 3 times indicating it had no ram. I put one ram stick on and it comes on, no beeps then restarts after 20 seconds and repeats.
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