Question Monitors randomly lose signal, PC stays awake and I have to use power button to make it work again ?

Feb 24, 2023
This has been going on for a while now but I am losing my patience with this issue. I have two monitors, one LG 1440p and one LG 1080p monitor. This happens randomly from gaming to just using the browser, The screens will go black, a signal loss message will pop up. Following that the pcs fans will ramp up but slow down and it stays on, I can still hear any audio happening at them time. It requires me to hard reset with power button. As well here is another issue, I am not sure if it is related.
- If I accidentally hit my desk with my foot and it shakes a bit, it is possible that it will have the same loss of signal and the fans will run full blast, I then have to restart it the same way. The sound of the computer was still running though while the screens were black. Sometimes the fans activate at the same time as the loss of signal, without there being a knock. I have tried new display cables, from display port, hdmi, display port to hdmi. I have tried reseating gpu and ram. I have check all wired connections, mobo power, main power cable, gpu cables, etc.
  • GPU : TUF gaming RTX 3070ti
  • CPU : AMD Ryzen7 5800x
  • MOBO : ROG strix b550f
  • RAM : Gskill trident Z 3200 ddr4 2 x 16
  • PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GT
Displays : LG 27inch ultragear 1440 and 1080