Question Monitors Randomly Sleep, Hard Reboot Required

Aug 14, 2020
I have two Asus VG248QE monitors that randomly will go into sleep mode. Shaking the mouse or pressing on the keyboard does not awaken them and I have to press down on the power button as to shut the entire system off. This was a daily occurrence so I uninstalled the NVIDIA Driver (version 451.67) as I figured it must have been a driver issue.

By uninstalling the nvidia drivers, I no longer experienced the exact same issue, but at times, one of the monitors would go to sleep but was easily awoken by continuing to move my mouse. This is the monitor connected via a displayport cord. The other is connected with an HDMI cable also directly into my graphics card.

The card that I have is the MSI Gaming X Trio 2080 SUPER and the computer was built in the last few weeks. Re-installing the driver after having been without it resulted in both monitors being randomly put to sleep and unable to be woken. My power supply is the Corsair RM850x. Power & sleep settings are set to never have the screen shut off or have the PC go to sleep. Power settings are currently set to ultimate. I have tried the balanced option as well, but this did not help to resolve this issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated!