Question Monitors turn off while gaming, GPU-Fans get loud, PC keeps running


Sep 28, 2019
Hi there!

I built a PC in 2018 and added a RTX 3080 in 2020. I never had any problems with my system. Since recently my Monitors (3 in total) shut all off while i'm gaming. This happenms every now and then. Sometimes after 10 Minutes of playing, sometimes after 3 Hours and sometimes it does not happen all day long.
When this happens the GPU-Fans get really loud exactly the moment the monitors turn off. The PC itself keeps runing, i can still hear the music of the game playing. I monitored all temperaturs (SSD, GPU, CPU and so on) and they are all perfectly fine.
My GPU reached a maximum of 67 C before turning off.

This problem started suddenly. I did not move the PC physically or updated any drivers. I did not do anything to the PC that i can remeber.

What could this be? When i google i find the same question but no concrete answer.

Note 1: No overclocking has been done on this PC
Note 2: I could be wrong but it seems to happend when i play more graphicly demanding games. When i play Dead Space Remake for example it happens all the time. When i play Orcs must die 3 i cant even remember the last time it happend.

This is my RIG:

Thank you in advance
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Not too many seem to have covered it. Speculation from Buildzoid:

RTX 3090 failing in New World notes/thoughts (blog post is kind of a short version of the video)

^The above does not just apply to New World, but any app that leads to these sudden, rapid bursts of current.

What can you do?
1)Try to RMA. You might get a better replacement, or they send the same card back. Expect long wait times.
2)Set fps caps if one isn't already preset in the game. Helps tame those bursts of current.
3)Lower the gpu's power limit, like 85% or something. Helps with the current draw.
4)Combo of 2 and 3.
5)Sell it and get something else?