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Question Monitors went black and PC rebooted out of nowhere ?

Jul 12, 2021
Hi there,

I recently built a new system, and it was running okay. Then I got a BSOD due to memory management four days ago. I then ran a memtest and the results were horrible. Replaced the faulty RAM and ran another memtest, this time it passed the test. This was on the 21st. Then on the 22nd my PC rebooted out of nowhere, with the following showing up in the event viewer:
View: https://imgur.com/a/Z83x9vQ

How do I make it so that it does not happen again?

The memory issue BSOD manifested itself after I swapped my standard case fans for the Noctua ones listed below. Not sure if that could have any bearing on it.

Additionally, I have a lot of Distributed COM warnings. How come?

Here are the full specs of my system:


Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X (https://www.phanteks.com/Enthoo-Evolv-X.html)

4x Noctua NF-A14 iPPC 2000 RPM fans (https://noctua.at/en/nf-a14-industrialppc-2000-pwm)

ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero MoBo (https://rog.asus.com/motherboards/rog-crosshair/rog-crosshair-viii-dark-hero-model/)

AMD Ryzen 5900x CPU (https://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-9-5900x)

NZXT Kraken X73 (https://nzxt.com/product/kraken-x73)

3x NZXT Aer P fans on the radiator for the X73 (https://nzxt.com/product/aer-p-120mm)

MSI 3080 ti Suprim X GPU (https://www.msi.com/Graphics-Card/GeForce-RTX-3080-Ti-SUPRIM-X-12G)

32GB 3600MHz G.Skill Trident Z Neo CL16 (https://www.gskill.com/product/165/326/1562839388/F4-3600C16Q-32GTZN)

ASUS ROG Strix 850W PSU (https://rog.asus.com/power-supply-units/rog-strix/rog-strix-850g-model/)

I apologize if this is the wrong category for this inquiry.