Review Monoprice Mini Delta V2 Review: Fast Junior Prints


Feb 1, 2011
The reason Delta 3D Printers are usually faster can, mostly be attributed to the only moving part being the considerably lighter toolhead and its equally lightweight kinematics support structure whereas a Cartesian 3D Printer will have to deal with both a print bed running on at least one axis that not only is heavier to begin with but gets heavier the larger and longer a print progresses posing some issues with calibrating it for resonances but also the toolhead running on another Axis with entirely different characteristics but still bound to the slowest denominator - The Print Bed.

IMHO, CoreXY 3D Printers are somewhat the best of both worlds - A system like a Voron 2.4 with its Flying Gantry is essentially the equivalent of a Delta with a completely stationary print bed capable of brute forcing the speed ( I run mine stock at 300mm/s with almost 6'000 Accel = 29min Benchy ) by simply using beefy Steppers on the essentially identical X/Y Axis with the added benefit of not having the vertically wasted space of a Delta.

As far as I'm aware - Deltas also aren't exactly a prime candidate for 3D printing Parts requiring high precision - Something, something about their Kinematic System being iffy making things both perfectly straight and/or round 🤔