Walkthrough Monster Energy Supercross 3 Video Walkthrough (450)

Finally, the 450 class! Like my 250 class walkthroughs, this will be on Hard mode. So great to be on a bike that has more power and speed. I also much prefer the deeper, less raspy sound of the engine. It has however taken some time getting used to, as with that added power and speed, you can easily overshoot the landing points required to hit the big jumps. These first two rounds are at Anaheim 1, and Glendale.

450 Anaheim 1

Quite unexpectedly, this time it was raining heavily at this venue. Since I had just come off a 250 West championship in heavy rain though, I knew full well by now to not lean forward on fast flats. I managed a near perfect start, which allowed me to clear the field on the outside and get the holeshot. The 450 had no trouble clearing the low jump triple into the tight right berm thereafter. The double/triple combo after that usually landed me atop the 3rd jump of the triple, but I attested this to the slower conditions of the mud.

The right turn afterward over the bridge jump, followed by a short straight and whoops, leading into a big air triple was a bit less of a problem to maintain speed on, though the first lap I did land atop the 3rd jump of the triple there too. Again, considering the conditions, a 250 would have struggled far more. The 180 left berm and long rhythm section with all double jumps thereafter was pretty easy. I mean the only concern is not over gassing it on the 450.

The big air double gap jump across the starting chute after the left turn under the bridge jump was easy to get speed for without even hitting the berm, as was the big air double gap jump just after, which crosses another part of the starting chute. Despite this though, I only hit the toughest rhythm section thereafter well 3 of the 6 laps. This is no doubt due to my overshooting the small jump double in order to link together two more doubles after, the first of which has an on/off landing on a tabletop. Have to tame that beastly 450!

The 180 right berm thereafter, and fast whoop section, followed by a fast flat, leading into a 180 right berm and the finish line big air double, was cake for the 450. I just had to remember not to lean forward on the flat, as in the rain, it's slower, not faster. Despite my blowing the tougher rhythm section half of the laps, I managed just under a 16.9 sec lead on Eli Tomac at the last time check.

450 Anaheim 1

450 Glendale

This stadium has far more big jumps. I ended up slipping in behind the pack at the start, and sneaking between them and the apex pole. The 450 made easy work of not only landing the small double jump to hit a triple/triple/triple combo thereafter, the power of the bike doesn't require you to land that small double precisely at all either.

After that it's just a couple of left lean hops over small jumps taking a left turn into a fast flat, followed by a 180 left berm, then over a small double, onto another fast flat, and a right turn into a semi short rhythm section. This rhythm section has a double/double/triple, which can be done via on/offing on one of the two tabletops, or both. Oddly enough I struggled with this section more than the longer, tougher rhythm sections.

After the triple it's over a small jump and into a high, steep, 180 right berm, onto a long, fast flat, and into a sweeping left with a low slanted berm. After this berm I decided the rational way was to moderate speed, stay left off the lower small jump on that side of the track, to hit a low double jump. This most of the time set me up well for yet another triple/triple/triple combo this track has.

You then have a 180 left berm, which leads into a fast whoop section. It has some various height jumps near the end of it, including a very short flat section though, so care is often needed if you get bounced up high, which can and does happen. This is followed by a 180 right berm, into a short section with 3 med to small jumps, which can be easily tripled with the 450.

You then launch into a big air double off the finish line jump, which I got in the habit of taking with a sort of scrappy, speed scrubbing scrub. This ensures not overshooting the 2nd jump of the big air double. Ideally (and quite often), it gave me the best of both worlds, a momentum sustaining downslope landing, yet being far enough away from the next 90 degree left to not over shoot it. This turn also has 4 semi small spaced out jumps leading into it, so can be tricky to set up for. It helps to have the distance often needed for any line adjustments going into it.

And here's the other reason setting up well for that left turn is crucial, there's a big air triple right after it, and another 90 degree left turn right after that. As well, there are 3 spaced out med jumps after that second left, then you only have a short flat, and back into that first rhythm section. So you really want to be in control to set up for that. I used the same technique for hitting the triple/triple/triple combo as off the start, using the small jump double. The only difference is, on any laps after the first one, you have to focus on moderating your speed, as you're coming in hotter off a straighter line.

I managed to hit both of the triple/triple/triple combos on the track most of the time, which was no doubt what helped me reach a just under 16.4 sec lead on Blake Baggett at the last time check, despite not doing so well on the shorter rhythm section.

450 Glendale
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OK, I have 2 more rounds of the 450 career for you. This includes Anaheim 2, which is a triple crown, and Oakland. The 450 triple crown races are a bit longer than the 250 ones, at 4 min vs 3. I apologize in advance for those whom enjoy the multiview replays, as I forgot to capture the 1st one of the Triple Crown. I did however include the other 2, as well as the single one for the Oakland race. All actual race footage is included as well of course.

450 Anaheim 2

This is a bit tougher track to gap the AI with compared to others that come early in the career. I noticed that the start is a bit harder to get out of the gate fast if you lean forward. It's not as much a hinderance as in mud, but enough to make it MUCH easier to clear the pack and get the holeshot if you don't. It still takes good timing, but the difference is, the pack won't catch up to you. So I got the holeshot this way, and the sharp left turn followed by a short straight with micro bumps and a sharp right with a fast whoop section were no problem as well.

Then you have an even sharper right turn with a shallow berm, into small jump you use to do an on/off via a tabletop. This is followed by a similar turn and berm going left, then a gap jump to another on/off on a tabletop. The key to this little section is landing on the front half of the tabletops (with weight back of course), otherwise it's easy to crash.

The track then begins to bend right, while you hop over a small jump from the 2nd tabletop, then into a med jump double jump. The 450 makes it easy to completely clear the small jump after the tabletop (the 250 usually skimmed the top of it), which also made it easier to land on the downslope of the 2nd med jump of the double jump. This in turn helps set up for getting ample distance for the big air triple jump just after, which is important because it comes just before a 90 degree right turn into a semi tough rhythm section.

I apply the brakes semi aggressively when landing that big air triple, as I find it's easiest to use the closer right side of the track after the right turn, which has a higher jump than the left side to set up for the rhythm section. On the 250 I resorted to pretty much doing double jumps through this whole section. On the 450, if you hit the first double well by landing on the downslope of the 1st small jump after the right side higher takeoff point, it will launch you into a triple jump after that 1st double. You then finish this section with two doubles thereafter. This is demonstrated at the 1:42 mark.

You then use moderate speed into a semi steep, mid high right 180 berm, where you need to use a small jump to an on/off on a tabletop, followed by 4 back to back doubles thereafter. This takes you into another semi steep, mid high 180 berm (left this time) into a fast whoop section to the finish line jump. Off this jump is a big air double, which I always scrub, then into a 90 degree right with a semi steep/high berm, across a semi short fast flat which is the now closed off starting chute, and over a short, semi big air double.

For this jump I always use the white chalk line at the far side of the closed off section of starting chute as an indicator when to let off gas, as otherwise it's easy to carry too much speed into this jump. This is because just after it is a high, steep 180 right berm, which leads to a big jump that is best taken slow in order to land on it's own downslope. You then get onto the section of start chute still open, which is just past the first part where the start gates were.

This leads into a flat 180 left turn which is deep sand. I find it's best to just lean left in the sand, to take the turn with stability and also maintain even weight displacement front to rear. This is NOT a flat you want to lean forward on. This takes you right back across the holeshot line. I averaged just under a 5.4 sec lead at each of the final time checks, ranging from just under 3 sec, to just over 7.5 sec.

450 Anaheim 2

450 Oakland

This is kind of a wild track, with a tough race to the holeshot, a long, fast flat with a bend in it, and some triple jumps, one of which is very hard to hit on a 250. On the 450 however, I was delighted to find it was a ton easier.

Oakland's start is much harder to get a gap on the AI. It also seems to benefit from no lean forward out of the gate, then a forward lean once you get up to speed. With this technique and good timing, I was able to clear the field enough to get an outside line into the 1st (left) turn. It's then a mad dash over a couple small double jumps into a shallow 180 right berm, to try to clear the pack. You then take a small jump to an on/off on a tabletop, into a double, which is where I finally started gapping the one AI that stuck with me to that point.

I usually double all the way through this section, but off that 1st double after the tabletop, I almost landed a triple, instead tapping the top of the 3rd small jump, which allowed me to tap off the top of the rest of the jumps, as well as on/off on the 2nd tabletop in this section. It was strangely sloppy, but fast, and further helped to gap the AI.

You then have a fast 100 degree or so right into a big air double off the finish line jump, which is best done leaning slightly right, as right after the big air double you take another fast dog leg right onto a long fast flat. It's best to take this fast dog leg right near it's apex on the right to avoid swinging too far left into the Tuff Blocks. At the end of this flat is a jump that takes you not just over 3 jumps, but over 3 tiers, stepping higher with each one. It is best to scrub land straight up with back lean applying brakes slightly, as it then descends into a downward sloping fast right, and you can easily fly off the track carrying too much speed.

Here's where the 450 makes this track WAY easier. On the 250 I had to try to launch off the semi med jump after a short section with a tiny bump prior with just the right speed in hopes to hit the downslope of a small jump you drop down to to get enough speed to make the1st triple jump. On the 450 though, you just launch off that semi med jump, then just make sure you go full gas into the 1st jump of the triple, and the bike will send you far enough with it's power (shown at the :32 mark). This btw takes you into a back to back triple/triple combo, and both are so much easier to hit on the 450.

That said, I DID hit the triple after consistently on the 250, which has a high, steep 180 right berm and drop down triple just prior to set it up, but oddly enough I missed it pretty badly on the last lap with the 450. This had nothing to do with the bike though, I just got lulled into carrying too much speed into that high, steep 180 right berm, which caused me to swing a bit too wide and run into some Tuff Blocks on the left side of the track.

The rest of this track is pretty easy. It's just a high steep 180 left berm into a fast whoop section, which is mirrored by the same to the right, then a high, steep just sharper than 90 degree left berm, over a short fast flat, over a big jump you take slow, followed by a left bend on deep sand back to the holeshot. At last time check I had a just under 18.4 sec lead, which breaks my 250 Hard personal best by about 2.5 sec.

450 Oakland
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Apologies for the delay. I've been rather involved battling a heat wave where I live and playing Days Gone. When I'm done with my current play through on Survival II, I'll get back to playing and posting more vids of Monster Energy Supercross 3, after I post up some GRID 2019 vids. Thanks for your patience. ;)