Montego II+, A7A, & Win2k


May 25, 2001
I built a new system based on the Asus A7A, TBird 1 GHz, and Win2K. I have a TB Montego II+ (with digital i/o) from my old PC that I've been having trouble with. On my old system (Dell PIII 450) I just used the NT4 drivers from TB and it worked (on Win2k). Trying that same approach on my new system either locks up when searching for hardware or does a sudden reboot if I try to load the driver.

I have it working to some extent right now with the Aureal Vortex 8830 Win2k driver, but there seems to be no digital i/o controls.

I need to know if anyone here might have made a combination like this work, by either making the NT4 drivers work or making some kind of modification to the Aureal driver to activate the digital i/o.

Any suggestions? I'm close to just getting a new card, but if I could make this one work, it would give my finances a little time to recover before I spend more.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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YOur lucky you got it to work at all-the 2k drivers are batas, and not likeley to work on Via's Athlon chipsets. TB also uses their own digital interface, instead of the standard Aureal version, which is why that doesn't work. If TB offers a 2k driver, even for a different version of the card, try it. Otherwise, your S.O.L.

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Dec 31, 2007
I was just wondering if your installation of Win2k detects the card. It should (mine always does), and if it is, it has Aurial;s basic drivers (WinXP has the same set of Aurial;s drivers too). They work fine, even more than fine. I usually leave them and not touching anything afterwards. So, try that, otherwise there is no help. I could run MX300 on KT7A really well, no problems (there were some in the beginning though :O), but if you will try to install Win2k drivers (if you have them :eek:), there is a certain procedure to follow.

Have fun.

Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink: