montior goes into standby after xp boot up screen


Jan 3, 2006
Hey Guys-
Something very wierd happened. When I came home ,my computer was off. I went to re-boot it, and i noticed it goes into standby after I see the windows xp boot screen. I tried to unplug the video cord and blow into it to see if it was dust and tried again and nothing. I even tried reversing the cable and still nothing. I can get into SAFEMODE fine and browse my computer, why is this happening? How can I get into my PC without going into SAFEMODE thanks. -Jason


either the video card is going bad or the refresh rate is out of range that the monitor can handle. Try uninstalling the video drivers and reinstalling or see if you can change the video setting to like 640 x 480 with a refresh rate of 60hz.
If that still fails see if the card will work in another computer.