Feb 19, 2010
Hi to you all,

I was just curious if when I upgrade my GPU would taking the bull by the horns and increasing the amount of RAM my Gigabyte X58A-UD3R has and jumping from 12gb (I currently have 6gb installed) and installing 24gb? Would I see an obvious increase in performance when running Win 7 64 bit SP1? I was just curious as I am also upgrading my GPU from a 5850 to a 7970, and just want to know would there be smoother performance with more memory?

Thanks in advance!!
pretty much 8 gigs seems to be the sweet spot. There is very little gain going from 8 -> Higher. In your case you have 6 and going to 12 may see a slight increase. Going from 12 -> 24 Very doughtfull you will see an increase. I think there is a few (very few) softare programs that can take advantage of more than 8 gigs. Myelf, I did go from 8 -> 16. Use 8 gigs as a Ramdive.