Question More of a statement, really... "Corsair's PSU cables are not standardised"


Aug 16, 2021
Here is an exchange between Corsair Tech Support and myself.

"I would like a pinout of the 8 pin cables marked 'CPU'."

Corsair Tech Support:
My name is XXXXXX, I am an Agent with the Corsair Tech Support Specialist Team. I am deeply sorry for the delayed response.
Sadly I am not able to provide you with the specs of the Pin out for any of our PSU cables, as they are not standardized. "

(Bold and Italics are my own)

Support went on to say 'highest quality, etc, blahblah.... They also went on to say that maybe Mod my Cables could provide pin outs....

Well, their tech support guy is a dumbass.

Here is the compatibility list for Corsair PSU cables:

There is pinout information on the right side which changes based on which type of cable you click on in the main content. Pinout information is available for the most commonly used including EVGA Type 1, Corsair Type 4, Seasonic Type 1, Corsair Type 3, Cooler master Type 1, etc. Using the Corsair compatibility list you can figure out which "Type" of cables you have and use the pinouts on the second page. The pinouts on the right can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Knowing what model of Corsair PSU you have would be helpful, since they do not all share the same "Type" of cables.