Question more than 2 GPU wont work


Jul 17, 2018
ive treid everything i can think of, probably wont be able to relist it because no one could tell me the issue previously.

Im mining with 2 rx580 gpus i have another 3 that are not running because when i try to run them i get a atikmpag.sys error.

my motherboard is asrock H81 pro and crsiar 1200w and corsair 750w on windows 10.

Ive made the virtual memory bigger, ive checked the risers, ive made sure nothings blocked and has been added to exclusions. deleted drivers reinstalled drivers multiple times alltogether as well as individually. they all seem to work and run fine but when i pllug in more then 3 gpus it has the atikmpag.sys error and goes blue screan then shuts off.

I even have adrenaline driver to make sure its in compute mode and still only 2 gpus are allowed. My power sources is nearly 2000w it worked fine for a year and then randmoly stopped working due to a windows update which i uninstalled and tried making the computer work but it would work better with it installed and would be laggy AF if uninstalled but that was not the issue either.

i need help, these gpus have been sitting for about 6 months---much thanks
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