[SOLVED] Most effective/speedy way to transfer files from internal HDD to external Seagate 2tb via Linux USB boot and Win10?

Nov 2, 2019
Hi all,

First, I want to say thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you all in advance!

I have an Acer Laptop running Win 10 64bit. I've been having issues with this laptop for a while now. The on-running issue is that Windows fails to load b/c of an error with the ETD.sys file.
  • I've done 90% of the solutions online and sometimes it will solve the boot issue for a couple of days but then I'll run into the same problem again.
  • I've done a Windows fix via the Windows Media tool. Still will run into the same issues after said successful repair/reinstallation.
My next solution is to transfer the files to an external HDD and wipe out/reinstall Win10 in Laptop.

I'm doing this by booting Linux Ubuntu off a FlashDrive and having an external HDD connected to the laptop.

I tried to transfer files by using the drag and drop method but it says that it will take up to 9hrs to transfer 50gb. I mean, I've built resilience over the 56k era .... but come on! We in 2019

My questions are:
  • Is this normal/avg for a transfer?
  • What are other methods that I can use for a speedy file transfer? ( the Seagate transfer wizard did not load in Linux)
I do believe the USB port is running 2.0 and not 3.0.

Thanks again!