Most efficient way of streaming from on Win7 PC to another


Feb 8, 2012
Hey all:

I am thinking of setting up a networking for streaming my music, movies, and tv shows through my home and I was just wondering what was the most efficient way of sharing between two Windows 7 PCs?

I have all of my content on my main PC and I want to stream it to my HTPC in the living room area. I have really only dabbled in this and I have just used the Windows share feature and then add in as a networked drive on my HTPC.

Is this the most efficient way right now? If so, are their any tweaks in to increase performance?



May 11, 2012
I highly recommend TVersity I have used it before and it worked flawlessly with great performance.

It basically adds functionality to your PC to allow it to stream media through the network, really easily with a nice UI.

It can stream to Game consoles, Set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, Networked TVs, phones and tablets over the network.

It transcodes media in real time so it will play optimally on your devices.

Just select which files and/or folders you want to stream and it adds them to the library, ready to be played from any device connected to it.

Plus heaps more and it's FREE!

It is certainly worth a shot. I was impressed by it so hopefully you will be too, and you can't go wrong because it's free.