Most Powerful Low-Profile Graphics Card Available?

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Based on what is available from Newegg...

The fastest low profile video card from nVidia is the GeForce GT 430. Here's an example:

The fastest low profile AMD card is the Radeon HD 6570. Here's an example:

The Radeon HD 6570 is the faster of the two. The nVidia GT 430 is about equal to the Radeon HD 5570. However, the Radeon HD 6570 is nearly as powerful as the Radeon HD 5670.


Oct 22, 2011
if you could get your hands on one of those:

ati hd6850 - probably most you can get right now

That card isn't low profile though. I believe there was a low profile version of the Radeon HD 5770 made by Gigabyte, that was the most powerful low profile card ever made (or not, Afox and their crazy 6850 variants), but I'm not sure if it is in stock anymore with any major retailer. I'm not aware of any low profile 6670s, but I do believe there is at least one low profile 5670 floating around. I think that one was made by MSI, it had a dual slot cooler. Neither are on newegg or tigerdirect right now. You can try searching around for these rare variants, though you may have to look on the secondary market to find them, I don't think they are in production anymore. Other than that, the best you can get would probably be a low profile 5570 or 6570. If you really need better graphics horsepower, you may need to consider getting a new case and power supply.
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