Most reliable Z370 motherboard?


Jan 28, 2012
I decided to upgrade to i5 8600K, and ended up frustrated with choice of motherboard. I do not intend to push it hard overclocking it, I use PC both for gaming and for work, also planning on installing Intel Optane. So I am looking for a reliable motherboard with good performance - my current budget for motherboard is around 200-250$. From my experience Asrock and MSI mobos have failed me several times on the other hand Gigabyte has served me faithfully for many years. Because of it firstly my eye was catched by Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 but in some reviews I saw that this mobo performs very good in gaming but has awful performance when used for work as regular desktop PC.
So firstly is this statement true about awful performance when used as desktop, if true do other gaming motherboards suffer from same issue? And in the end maybe this is only my old experience which turned into stereotype about Asrock and MSI mobos being unreliable and maybe there are better choices for my budget?

Thank you in advance!


I would not expect a reliability problem from any motherboard that has been out a while.
Yes, there are usually some bios updates that help.
One way to gauge reliability is to look at the newegg reviews, particularly the 0 or 1 egg reviews.
Currently the asrock Z370 Extreme4 has the most reviews, and only a few 0 egg reviews.
I would discount DOA reviews if not excessive since anything can fail, and it is no problem if it happens initially.

I can not imagine that a motherboard that does well in gaming can somehow be bad in a less demanding desktop environment.