Most wanted and fifa09 graphic problem in xp


May 18, 2011
hey i suffering from a weird problem.
I have intel x4500 graphic card
2gb ddr3 ram
intel pentium duo processor
now the problem is with the colour
there is no colour,there's just green and red colour in both the games
i know it sounds graphic card problem but its not because i have both windows 7 and xp on my pc
both the games works fine in windows 7
also i have noticed 1 thing
that in most wanted if i set visual treatment to low and turn off the over bright options in display options of most wanted the game seems to work fine but as soon as may car touches the speed of about 200 the colours are again replaced by green and red shades
Can anyone please help me???????
well the only difference is win7 uses dx11 while xp uses dx9c.
but, as far as I know, most wanted came out long before dx11 came into existence. So, I would recommend updating directx on your winxp machine.

but if you game works under win7 why don't you just run win7 instead of xp when you want to play those games? o.o


Jun 2, 2011
I have played Fifa 09 in Windows XP against 1GB DDR2 RAM, in which it worked really fine... Two months ago, I upgraded my system to 2GB DDR3 RAM and changed the processor from Intel Celeron to Dual Core... This time both NFS-MW and Fifa 09 failed to work properly, the cause being the same as yours... So, I don't think it's any OS problem, maybe it's DDR technology which is creating problem, am not sure though... Pls help if you have already solved the problem...