Question Mother Board problem


That is only for the CPU integrated graphics. It has literally NOTHING to do with the potential resolution or refresh rate, or video output types, of your graphics card. Regardless, at 1080p on integrated graphics it would still be capable of 144hz over HDMI or Displayport at 1080p, which is what that monitor is, anyhow.

I wouldn't plan on do any serious gaming until you get the graphics card though. You'll be pretty limited with the integrated graphics in terms of performance, so the sooner you get the graphics card the better.


If you get that monitor, looks like it only comes with a Hdmi cable. You'll need to buy a Displayport cable if wish to use Freesync.

DP Cable;

Monitor Freesync review and how to enable. Scroll down to the monitor youre interested in ~ 24GL600F-B

The only minor concern is that the monitor doesn't come with a DisplayPort cable in the box. Not a big deal since a Displayport cable costs all of $10, but if you were to use the included HDMI cable (perhaps a less tech-inclined gamer) you will not get FreeSync support as Nvidia GPUs do not support FreeSync over HDMI. Over DisplayPort, as expected there are no issues.
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