Mother decisions...


Nov 23, 2007
Hello guys, I need some advice.

Let’s start saying that I already took the decision to go for a Q6600 G0 and DDR2.
Now with base on it, and thinking in a pure gaming configuration and OC, here are the conclusions I arrived.

My first choice is to go for an ASUS Maximus Formula only because:

a) The PCI-E 2.0; I’m planning to get a new video card also, and maybe, this is a maybe, I need to think it more, buy 2 video cards and use crossfire or SLI.
b) The X38, and the pipes and the fact I have a Thermalright U-120 Extreme I would like to continue using (and I was told it fits well in there, anyone can confirm it?).

Why ASUS? No reason…I always bought Asus and I’m afraid (not to said it) to buy another brand :)
I saw other options, like Gigabyte and Lanparty DFI, but to be honest, it scars me because of the reason above and because of the Thermalright (I don’t want to remove any backplate). :(

Which other mother should I check? Is the ASUS good enough? Or is better the gigabyte?

I’m missing something? Money is not a problem, but I don’t like to pay more unnecessary. :sarcastic:

Any help or comment would be great!